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"Drive" Food for thought questions

First off, HUZZAH for wiccabuffy and her awesomeness of idea.

Anyway, we (wiccabuffy, guidy_goodness and I) have been batting around questions that "Drive" has brought to my mind, and I figured I'd share with the class. Even if you don't watch the show, the premise is simple: "random, everyday" people are offered a chance to win $32M by competing in a secret, illegal cross-country road race. You get a phone, the phone rings, and you have 15 minutes to be in your car and on the road.

Here's the questions from the first two weeks of the show:

1) The racers on the show must use their own cars. But if you were a racer and could have your pick of cars to use in the race, what would it be? Sports car for speed? Minivan for comfort?

2) The racers had almost no time to pack and prepare. What essential items would you throw in your bag as you rushed out of your house? Would you try to pack lots of clothes or personal items, or go with the clothes on your back?

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