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Drive Cancelled?

I just read about this on another person's lj:

Fox Cancels Drive.

Now granted I haven't been reading up on its ratings, but ALREADY? wtf?
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Yeah, what a surprise. A show up against ratings-strong "Dancing With the Stars" and the exact-same-demographic blockbuster "Heroes" doesn't do well in the ratings. Good job making way for more crap, Fox. How you've managed to somehow allow "House" to stay on the air is beyond me. Fuckers.
HEY. House does WELL, thank you very much. Please to not be trashing 1)Shows that other people are reviewing. 2) Shows that are near and dear to MY heart. 3)Other people's shows.

And I like it.

PS: My goddess will FYSU.
Thou mistakest me. I love "House". My point was that somehow, Fox managed to NOT screw over a good show in their case, instead of how they've deep-sixed so many others.
No, no, he meant that House didn't start off strong ratings-wise, yet somehow FOX didn't cancel it. They actually let a good show stay on the air and get a good fanbase and now look - great ratings, Emmys, etc. Plus, it's up against "Heroes" which pretty much falls to the same demographic that "Drive" would cater to, so it seemed doomed to start with. They should have paired it with something like "AI", where it could have a better lead-in. ("House"/"Drive" doesn't strike me as a good match, but you never know.)

And "Drive", like "Firefly", "Wonderfalls", and "The Inside" falls victim to the Tim Minear curse. Or, you know, it's just FOX being stupid again.

How you can cancel a show after (basically) three episodes is beyond me, especially if you have it as your mid-season replacement. *sighs* You'll notice I know have a specific LJ just for reviews, so I won't have to keep swapping out icons. *L*
Yes, I am sorry. :( I understand now. And you forgot Standoff. Tim Minear. :-/

Yeah, I mightcould do the same?
It completely baffles me that they've already cancelled it. Granted I haven't been watching it, but it looked interesting. They're not even bothering giving the show a chance or moving it to a different night. Maddening!