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Oh yes, there WILL be blood...

Entertainment Weekly released its list of, in their opinion "the Top 25 Science-Fiction Films and TV Shows" (since 1982, ie, in the last 25 years). Why they decided to mix media is beyond me, but then that's the least of the effrontery.

Load up the snark cannons, true believers, and have at it. I read the list, and I know you're gonna have something to say.

25. "V" (The Original Miniseries)
24. Galaxy Quest
23. "Doctor Who"
22. "Quantum Leap"
21. "Futurama"
20. "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"
19. Starship Troopers
18. "Heroes"
17. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
16. Total Recall
15. "Firefly" / Serenity
14. Children of Men
13. The Terminator / Terminator 2: Judgment Day
12. Back To The Future
11. "Lost"
10. The Thing
09. Aliens
08. "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
07. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
06. Brazil
05. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
04. "The X-Files"
03. Blade Runner
02. "Battlestar Galactica"
01. The Matrix
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I call B.S. There's no Babylon 5. (Or Ultraviolet, but hardly anyone knows that exists.)
"B5" not on the list is criminal. First TV show with multi-year arcs.
Seriously! I always found it impressive that JMS knew exactly what he wanted to do with the show from the get-go. It really informed my opinions as I started writing my own story arcs.

I would be tempted to throw Life on Mars on there, but I don't think it's really been on long enough (and I haven't seen the second series yet).
I'm sorry, WHAT???? Matrix is #1? *scoffs* As much as I love the film, Galaxy Quest???? Okay, who came up with this and exactly how much crack were they smoking.
Got me.
Gotta agree. I call BS as well. Not only are shows like "Farscape" missing, but the order of shows are wrong too. Matrix as #1? Uh, no.

Eternal Sunshine is a sci-fi movie, since... when?

And if you wanna put up a SW show/movie, put up either ROTJ as the last of the originals, or TPM as the first prequel that got SW back on the map.
I may be one of the few people who's seen Matrix, had it explained to me, and still doesn't get it and/or care.

I've also got a problem with calling Heroes one of the best of all time when it's only been on for a season. No offense to Heroes fans, but I'd have a problem with calling ANYTHING one of the best of anything ever when it's barely begun. Give it a couple more seasons and I might reconsider. (This is different than judging a show that was prematurely cancelled, like one of my favorite shows of all time is Cupid, which only ever aired 13 episodes.)

I will give props to them for recognizing that TNG was clearly the best of the Star Trek franchise, however.
I agree. "Lost" & "Heroes" shouldn't be on there. They are BOTH too new since it's the last 25 years of sci-fi.
I completely agree. At least with BSG you can argue that the franchise as a whole has been around since the 70's. We ought to make a new list.

(I'm pissed off with lists a lot lately. How does Daniel Craig not make People's Most Beautiful list, I ask you? Grr. LOL.)
Oh, yes. New list! *nodnod*